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Who We Am
I Googled us to see where we be in the Google Who Am We rankings.  We are fifth. 

This is the quote that qualified us for fifth.

"When we say "we're not finished becoming who we are", it's like, a metaphor or something. We're totally done. This is who we am. ..."

Not perhaps our finest moment, but we am who we am.

I want you to meet Number 1 in the Who Am We search.  It's an article in Wired magazine, called "Who am we?".  Thanks for reading the blog, Wired magazine.  Any time you need a freelancer, ring my bell, yo.

Anyway this is worth reading.

But for those of you too busy, lazy, or technologically inept to read, here's a quick excerpt:

"Windows have become a powerful metaphor for thinking about the self as a multiple, distributed system," Turkle writes. "The self is no longer simply playing different roles in different settings at different times. The life practice of windows is that of a decentered self that exists in many worlds, that plays many roles at the same time." Now real life itself may be, as one of Turkle's subjects says, "just one more window."

  I think this clipart image demonstrates the point nicely.

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Hey, this is Jessica, the infamous Famea Barista. I really enjoy reading your blog!! I definitely can see why you are eager to be a creative writer, you are quite good at it.

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